Startup Fair

Looking to find an engaging and hands-on job or internship?  Check out the BCVC Startup Fair! Come network with company reps in a casual setting and find a job you really love. All majors are welcome!

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90 Seconds at the Startup Fair



The Startup Fair occurred this past February. Look out for details concerning next year’s event!


Companies that have attended:


  • Helps you discover, track, and share your life goals then connects you with friends to help you achieve them.


  • Actifio is radically simple copy data management. Our copy data storage platform allows enterprises to access anything, instantly.


  • Back ups and secures your information to prevent data loss.


  • BostonInno does news coverage of Boston tech, Boston’s colleges and universities, and Boston living.


  • Delivers liquor right to your door when purchased through their app.


  • Helps you find nearby alumni and connect with them.


  • Gives money in return for your used electronics.


  • HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.


  • Enables you to pay with your phone and receive a digital receipt seconds later.


  • MassChallenge is the world’s largest startup accelerator and competition.


  • Delivers medicine right to your door and manages your refills.


  • Helps companies connect with their retailers and co-market their products online.


  • Raizlabs designs mobile apps for different companies.

RallyPoint Networks

  • RallyPoint Networks is a U.S. Military Professional network that connects its members with career opportunities in the military or in the private sector.


  • Provides analysis of employee performance and how effectively the workspace is being used.


  • Helps you become fitter and healthier by setting goals and monitoring exercise.

Startup Institute

  • Startup Institute is the #1 career accelerator, helping individuals gain the skills, mindset, and network to succeed in jobs at startups.

The Grommet

  • Launches undiscovered products and helps them succeed.


  • Records your workouts and provides analysis and comparisons with professionals’ training videos to help improve your skills.


  • Wayfair is an E-commerce company that sells several unique home stuff brands.


  • Helps manage continuity, photos, approvals, and inventory all in one place from prep, to wrap, to shoot.


  • Helps salespeople track, analyze and communicate more easily with their customers through customized emails.

Insight Squared

  • Insight Squared is a platform that maximizes sales performance, increases team productivity, and helps close more deals.

Venture for America

  • Trains top college grads and sends them to work on startups for two years so they can later become entrepreneurs.


  • Helps people book tables at nightclubs more easily.


  • Gopinion provides businesses the tools to identify and resolve negative customer experiences before they turn into damaging public reviews.


  • Provides personalized learning that lets you improve your ACT, SAT, or PSAT score.


Why work for a startup?

A tech startup is an early stage, high growth company competing in the technology sphere.  Here are some reasons that a job at a startup could be awesome for you:

Learn By Doing  Working at a startup typically involves a ton of on-the-job learning. Challenge yourself in a fast-moving and changing environment!  A small company can give you the opportunity to be more of a “jack-of-all-trades” and gain experience doing many different tasks.  Learn something new everyday from a small team of passionate and intelligent startup geeks who can inspire you to do something new and different!

Work With An Awesome Team   At a startup, you will often be surrounded by a high concentration of smart and interesting people who love to experiment, innovate, and make new things.  Feel like an integral part of the team and find some awesome mentors who can help you in and outside the workplace.  Many times at a smaller company you also get the opportunity to learn from and interact with higher level management on a closer level.

Make An Impact  As a member of a smaller team your work will stand out and make a greater impact.  Challenge yourself to take on more responsibility and feel like what you do matters!

Have Fun  Join the Boston startup community -full of fun and passionate hustlers who love what they do!  Enjoy becoming friends and working closely with your small team while dressing casually for work.  The work is serious, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be dull.  The BCVC has seen their fair share of nerf guns, ping pong tournaments, and ridiculous T-shirts.

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